Teresa Sdralevich is a free-lance poster designer and illustrator based in Brussels.
She was born in Milan, Italy, in 1969. After graduating in Political Sciences at the University of Bologna in 1994, she took up briefly illustration and graphic design classes at ENSAV La Cambre and ERG, both in Brussels.
In 1996, an internship within Jean-Christophe Geluck's studio gave her an extraordinary opportunity to work on posters, cover design and illustration - the areas she's still mostly interested in.
She learned silkscreen printing with Jocelyne Coster and Jean-Pierre Muller before setting up her own printing space which she shares with other artists.

Teresa Sdralevich mainly addresses social, political and cultural topics; she creates posters as one-off pieces or as part of campaigns. She often creates images and slogans together for a maximum impact. Whenever she is in charge of more complex communication plans she musters the resources of other colleagues to cover all aspects of production.

In the last few years Sdralevich has led several workshops focused on the creation of posters, covers, magazines and other printed matters and on silkscreen printing. Sdralevich’s target audience is students, children, or the general public, according to the workshop project.
Teresa Sdralevich is happy to discuss options for organizing workshops in these or possibly other fields. Please send an email at the address below.


Teresa Sdralevich

136 rue de l'Intendant / Opzichterstraat
B-1080 Brussels

phone +32 (0)2 787 34 88