Just before Christmas I have been invited by Poster for Tomorrow to lead a workshop in Istanbul. Poster for Tomorrow is a non profit, independent organisation whose goal is "to encourage people (.…) to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all". Designers from all over the world are welcome in taking a stand on a chosen subject – in the past years these were freedom of expression, the death penalty, right to education, and last but not least, gender equality. I already had the honour of being part of the jury for "A Home for Everyone" last October in Paris.
The organization, founded by Hervé Matine, Setareh Farsi and Tommaso Minnetti with a bunch of devoted and competent collaborators, runs an intense workshop program as well.

In Dogus University, Poster for Tomorrow held a Democracy Café in presence of the representative of the Council of Europe, Philippe Potentini; the 100 beautiful posters of the last poster contest, "A Home for Everyone", were also exhibited.


The Istanbul workshop is part of the program "Mediterranean Women and Democracy"; during three days, I worked with 21 students coming from Yeditepe University, Anadolu University, Beykent University, Isik University and of course Dogus.

To begin with, I showed some of my posters trying to place them in context; I stressed the importance of the project process, showing sketches if possible, and also written brainstorming. Following that, we had a discussion on the subject of the workshop that by all evidence is taken very personally and passionately by the students.
Then we just worked… I encouraged the students to use the less sophisticated means possible, but I must say I was impressed by their competences with design programs - nontheless, computers were kept away for as long as possible. Even if translation was often necessary, the discussion was animated and I hope I succeeded in pointing out the shortest way from A (idea) to B (poster), going through a process of simplification but without losing authorship on the way. This meant often (but not always) going back to sketches instead of spending hours before the screen.
A publication will follow at the end of the workshop program.

THANK YOU tesekkür ederim

The enthusiastic support of Nazan Erkmen (Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design) made this adventure possible, and we are extremely grateful to Nazan for her curiosity and courage.
Hervé Matine was never too far to give advice; Ezgi and Irmek were very helpful. Duygu Beykaliz provided professional translation, especially during the Democracy Café.
Hatice Öz was our guide throughout the week and we couldn't have done a single step without her.
Last but not least, thanks to the students who were patient, receptive and motivated.

and myself "A Home for Everyone" 100 best posters "A Home for Everyone" introducing my work Nazan Erkmen and Hatice Öz powerful posters thank you!