In March I have been invited by Poster for Tomorrow to lead a workshop in Sarajevo.

Poster for Tomorrow is a non profit, independent organisation whose goal is "to encourage people (.…) to make posters to stimulate debate on issues that affect us all". Designers from all over the world are welcome in taking a stand on a chosen subject – in the past years these were freedom of expression, the death penalty, right to education, and last but not least, gender equality.
The organization runs an intense workshop program as well.

At the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo I worked with students for three days, together with Hervé Matine, on "Balancing Genders". The workshop was introduced by a debate on the subject - a journalist, a sociologist, and a political activist were invited.

I'll put up more photos soon - and I will also shortly publish a piece on "Internazionale".
The posters will bu published in a catalogue by Posterfortomorrow.

Thanks to Amra Zulfikarpašic', Bojan Hadžihalilovic', Dalida Kari-Hadžiahmetovic', Sandro Drinovac and the students for their time and efforts.