Internazionale Festival in Ferrara Finally some pictures!
September 30 – 1 and 2 october 2011

I held two workshops for children at the festival organized every year by Internazionale. Great guests and unique events in a wonderful city, that's the formula of the festival.
I also did a printing session on t-shirts, I'll try to show some pictures of this event as well...

The first workshop, Dire, fare, protestare, is my classic poster-making training using only black and white, Letraset© and imagination. The subject was "Revolution Is". We improvised an exhibition of all the projects in the yard of the Cinema Boldini. They are poetic, political, personal, typographically experimental!

Cartoline dalle città invisibili was inspired by the content of the magazine itself: the idea was to create postcards from places no one has ever heard about, with only a few totally subjective and random hints to work with. Some of these places have no apparent interest, others are at the heart of struggles or disasters that are very little spoken about. Every child produced at least two cards, and one (with a real stamp!) was sent to Internazionale's editor-in-chief, Giovanni De Mauro, who works a lot and has no time to travel.

Both workshops were very successful and very crowded: the children worked with great concentration and skill and the results are really wonderful. I can't show all the works but they are all equally interesting.

Thanks to Giovanna Chioini, Silvia Meneghin and Silvia Schiaulini (who took all the pictures displayed here) for their invaluable help. Thanks also to ubiquitous Chiara Nielsen and Annalisa Camilli for the general organization.

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