5 visuals on beautiful t-shirts and bags

I designed the Summer/spring t-shirt collection produced by Altraqualità. Altraqualità is a fair trade cooperative that produces and distributes products with a low environmental impact and within a framework of good working conditions. These garments were produced by NGO Aarong in Bangladesh.

I worked on two subjects, work and women; after a very rich exchange of ideas with David Cambioli and Maria Cristina Bergamini of Altraqualità, we chose 5 designs among the several projects and slogans I proposed.
These t-shirts and bags are intended as lighthearted and colourful manifestos that nevertheless touch very important topics such as the image of women in mainstream media, gender inequality, and the casualisation of employment.

You may see here the complete collection.

You can now purchase some of the t-shirts and bags on the Internazionale website: