14–17 March: Workshop at La Cambre, graphic design department / Communication graphique

I have been invited by Jean-Manuel Duvivier, head of the graphic design department, to lead a workshop with 40 students. Students have worked collectively on the Millennium Development Goals, a subject that was suggested by the team of the Millennium festival: the aim was to respond to this wide subject in a personal way. On my behalf I wished that students adopt a certain method in work – method that I would sum up as follows:
- write down a maximum of ideas, words, slogans, draw your projects (draw, draw, draw);
- work on the spot (which is rather unusual) and move around;
- work in autarchy whenever possible;
- don't turn to computers, at least at the beginning.

Students had a hard time finding the exact theme on which to work – it was actually a difficult task; but when they finally succeeded in following their inclinations and interests, they created original productions that took forms as different as posters, folders, books, live actions... A public presentation of the works in the framework of the Millenium festival will almost certainly take place.

Thank you to Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Nicolas Rome and to all the students for their hard work.

A link to view a complete record of the workshop (thank you Colm)



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