Workshop "Indignez-vous!" (or "I vote because...")
Escuela de Arte Número Diez in Madrid

May 16th, 2011

I have been invited to give a presentation and a workshop at Escuela de Arte Numéro Diez by my colleagues Sonia Díaz and Gabriel Martínez, who are teachers there. It's the only public school in Madrid devoted to graphic arts. Sonia and Gabriel are also graphic activists under the label Un Mundo Feliz.
About 50 students attended the presentation of my work; I talked about posters and covers but also about my personal background and my experience as a very shy student and then activist.
About 24 brave students took part in the workshop: the baseline was I vote because/I don't vote because and the goal was to create posters that would reflect their personal attitude and feelings toward the approaching elections (22 of May). I also stressed the importance of content and composition (no kidding!): after a slow beginning there was an intense work session followed by a hectic gathering at the photocopier. The results are very nice and they found their place right away in Plaça del Sur...
Thank you to Sonia, Gabriel, Marina and all the students.

This workshop was organised in the framework of the Libre Design Week
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